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02 Jan

I’ve recently graduated from a professional-graduate level program.

High-performing organizations have cultures where this kind of thing just doesn’t happen — they hire people with work ethics, people without work ethics don’t last long there, and the whole culture reinforces a focus on work, not chit chat.

(That’s not to say that some chit chat isn’t normal; of course it is.

This weekend we had a discussion about whether talking at work helps or hurts people.

She says that people who socialize, no matter how little work they do, get ahead regardless because they talk to everyone and network.

I don’t really like making small talk, and I’m usually a quiet person both in and out of work.

Despite my quietness, I am a very open person and when I do get talking I tend to reveal too much about myself.

This is, most definitely, not an okay tip to leave, Bible belters and tract leavers.

If you want to leave this AND leave them a tip for their exceptional service, then whatever floats your boat.

But in all honesty, I don’t believe that Jesus would have done anything this underhanded or deceitful to share his message.