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In a brief introductory booklet, it is not possible to describe each and every one.Check with the national Pagan Pride website to see if there's a PPD in your area.Attending a public festival is a great way to network.Ultimately, it's up to you how involved you get with other members of the Pagan community.You may be perfectly happy to avoid them completely, and that's fine.

Once you've begun studying Paganism, whether it's Wicca or some other form, you may at some point feel like you're all alone.Your family doesn’t get what you're doing, your friends think you're weird, and you might not even want to mention your beliefs to your co-workers. Well, the obvious solution is to find other Pagans—not necessarily because you want to be part of a coven or a group, but just so you can find some like-minded individuals to hang out with and share ideas once in a while.Rather than attempt this, the pages in this section – links are on the left hand side of this page contain an introduction to six examples of major Pagan traditions.This is not an exhaustive list, but these six traditions provide a good overview of modern Pagan practice. Some authors see the emergence of Paganism in the twentieth century as a revival of an older Pagan religion and describe all the above traditions as Neo-Pagan.