Process of reviewing and updating job descriptions

22 Dec

2.0 Purpose The purpose of this procedure is to establish a standard approach for creating and maintaining job descriptions.

The Director of Human Resources shall notify the Department Manager in writing when job descriptions need to be developed or revised and dates by which they must be completed; distribute copies of existing job descriptions and new job description forms to complete; and assist the Department Manager in the appropriate completion of the job description, on an as-needed basis.

5.2 The Department Manager shall generate or revise job descriptions to accurately describe the requirements of the position; return completed job description to the Director of Human Resources by the established deadline date; and complete development plans in accordance with COMPANY’s Training Policy #400.

For instance, there might be a 20% function listed on the job description that becomes obsolete after a few years.

Did that 20% time get absorbed in the other duties on the job description or did it get replaced by a new function or duty?

A situation such as this would be cause for submitting an updated job description.Examples of when not to submit an updated job description would be when an incumbent salary rate changes, when there are changes in the non-essential duties of the position, or when there are infrequent or random duties being assigned by management.3.3 The term job description shall refer to the written document(s) generated by the Human Resources Department that is used to document the basic skills, education and experience necessary to meet exempt and non-exempt job requirements. 3.3 The term job description matrix shall refer to the electronic database maintained by COMPANY to identify approved job descriptions. Pair of Recent PAGA Cases Provide Rare Procedural Victories for California Employers (January 31, 2018) • Ogletree Deakins | California | California’s Salary History Ban: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (January 23, 2018) • Ogletree Deakins | California | As Marijuana Shops Thrive, California Employers Revisit Drug Policies (January 18, 2018) • Fisher Phillips | California | The ICEman Cometh? California Employers Must Provide Notice of the Federal and California Earned Income Tax Credit (January 15, 2018) • Jackson Lewis P. | California | Trial Court Properly Denied Attorneys’ Fees To Plaintiff Who Proved His Termination Was Substantially Motivated By His Disabilities, But Was Not The Prevailing Party At Trial (January 21, 2018) • Ogletree Deakins | California | Cal/OSHA Approves Long-Awaited Housekeeper Injury Prevention Regulations (January 24, 2018) • Fisher Phillips | California | Cal/OSHA Approves Hotel Housekeeping Injury Standard – Likely to Go Into Effect Later This Year (January 21, 2018) • Jackson Lewis P. | California | Obesity Discrimination Claims Allowed to Proceed Under California Law (January 10, 2018) • Eleventh Circuit | Malivuk v. Recent War of Words Puts California Employers in the Crosshairs of National Immigration Debate (January 22, 2018) • Jackson Lewis P.

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